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iPhone Speaker


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  • I-WOOF
  • I-WOOF
  • I-WOOF


The all-natural amplifier for your iPhone

The all-natural speaker designed to amplify your iPhone. i-Woof is made of 100% Italian ceramic, using exclusively atoxic raw materials and lead-free enamels. All our ceramic is hand-made, and fired using solar energy.

No batteries, no wires

i-Woof harnesses the natural principles of sound propagation. No batteries to insert, no energy consumption. The green way.

Easy to use

Simply insert your iPhone into the slot and prepare to be amazed at the results. i-Woof also doubles up as an amusing iPhone holder. Both handsome and handy.

An ironic design, but also a functional one

The old receiver becomes cool, and turns into a convenient and practical object.

Tech Sheet

  • Size 28,5x9,5x8,2
  • Materiali ceramic
  • Realizzazione handmade in Italy
  • Utilizzo smartphone holder, natural speaker and desk accessoires
  • Amplificazione increase of 20 dB from 750 Hz to 2000 Hz
  • Compatibilità All iPhone except iPhone 6 plus
  • Confezione box coated with matte white paper 33x11,5x9 cm

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