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Home Textiles

Proprietè Privéè Beige

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Creativando blankets

Creativando blankets: a contemporary and artistic design, with graphic images or original texts. For contemporary art and Pop Art lovers: Mondrian Style is inspired by the primary colours and the essential and geometrical style of the unforgettable artist, while the models “Men With Heart” and “Baby Angel” faithfully reproduce two of the most famous and universally recognized works of the great Keith Haring. The “Proprieté Privée” blanket has a helpful patched pocket: while you lay warmly on the sofa, you can put inside the TV remote control, a biscuits pack, or whatever. Art and warmth, uniqueness and quality of the materials. All together. Suitable as original gift idea, to warm body, soul and heart of someone you love.


The modern blankets made by Creativando are conceived and made with the idea of combining art, care for materials’ choice and pleasantness of usage.


Boiled wool (wool 95%, polyester 5%) for the blankets “Men With Heart”, “Baby Angel” and “Proprieté Privée”.
100% cotton for the blankets “Mondrian Style”, “Dedalus” and “Quaderno”.
Made using high quality raw materials to ensure durability, comfort and enduring beauty.

Tech Sheet

  • Size 138x195 cm
  • Materiali boiled wool (wool 73%, polyester 22%, 5% acrylic), or cotton (100%)
  • Realizzazione Made in Italy
  • Utilizzo blankets for sofa, or bed

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