Valentine’s Day for everybody. A gift for everyone. A few suggestions to avoid mistakes

Published by Creativando 2 February 2016
Gift Ideas

In a few days people of every Continent, of every Country, race and religion, will celebrate (probably) the most honored feast, from North to South, from East to West.

The celebration of love, of lovers and loved ones. The tradition requires that on Valentine’s Day lovers exchange a little gift, to be remembered and underline their feelings. Thus the “chase” for an original gift, unique, and personal. But how to extricate the maze of assortment and offers without getting wrong?

Here three simple, but useful, suggestions:

1) Try not to be ordinary, but as original as possible. Nice surprises are always loved. By everybody

2) Focus on the person to whom the gift is addressed. Focus on his/her tastes, habits and passions.

3) Always add your personal touch. Handwritten words, for instance, have a charm that no pre-printed message can own.

And now some practical ideas for a gift that will be noticed…


For serial “latecomers”

Fare le Ore Piccole (i.e. Stay Up Late) is a line of small sized clocks (their diameter is 11 cm) with graphics or phrases that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, such as “Love doesn’t know time” or “Thinking of you. Every day. Every hour”. They’re made of stratified laminate HPL and available in 6 models. Because it’s always the right time for love.

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For those who have a big heart

One of the four big hearts of the Special Edition collection of the Heart Gallery line, made of Italian ceramics. Choose between the precious "Smiley" with golden graphic, or the two artistic interpretations by Laura Ellero: "Golden Love" and "Love is Not a Toy". Or the newborn, the "Big Grey" heart, covered of grey matt glaze and provided with a chalk to personalize your message: let it be different every day.

Buy the Golden Love heart


For iPhone addicted

I–Woof is an all-natural amplifier, made of ceramics, inspired by the old and never forgotten receiver. No wires, no batteries needed. It can amplify the iPhone sound up to 20 dB. Nice, useful, surprising, ecological and wrapped up in a beautiful package. The green way. The creative way.

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For those who love their home. And contemporary art.

wo square dishes to be practically used, or used just as a decoration. Big sized (33x33 cm), one has a licenced image by Keith Haring representing a heart (the universally recognized symbol for Valentine’s Day); the other customized with the interpretation of the kiss made by Walter Davanzo. «Keith’s Heart» and «Kiss Me White» or «Kiss Me Black» are ceramics masterpieces, that go straight to the heart.

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For those who know the difference between “tourist” and “traveler”

Travel Guru is much more than a simple travel diary. It consist of pages suitable for writing or drawing, of die cutted thin cardboard sheets, and PVC sheets with pockets of different sizes. Travel guru is suitable for writing texts, sketch landscapes, collect stamps, labels, airplane tickets, leaves and all those little things that represent the real souvenirs of every trip. For those who love travelling and experience the world.

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A thought for everybody. To combine with your gift.

cARTolina is a big news. Made of Tyvek, an innovative, crumpled and very resistant material, is a giant sized greeting card (50x30 cm), customizable on the back using simply a pen and your imagination. Available with 26 different images, you can choose the one that best fits your “Her” or “Him” characteristics. And don’t forget to add your personal message. cARTolina: the super-greeting-message.

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Last but not least: pay attention to the quality of your gift, to the attention to the details and choose materials that can instill real emotions. Creativando’s gifts contain the passion for art, design and craftsmanship.