This Christmas give yourself a style

Published by Creativando 19 November 2018

The colorful, surprising and functional Creativando Style.

The Xmas presents around the world.

Christmas in the world is full of surprises.Christmas period is for excellence, in a large part of the world, the most awaited, engaging moment rich of initiatives, dinners, meetings, greetings. The one in which you find yourself with the family to share the atmosphere of the festivity, among the colleagues of work to remember a year spent together and between the various groups of friends, from the colleagues of gym to the company suppliers.

It is time for smiles and hugs, time of traditions and small rites that are renewed every year.
This happens at every latitude and longitude, although the habits in the various countries are very different and some of them are also very curious.Here is a small journey among the most unusual and intriguing traditions and even some small statistical curiosities.


The world's present addicted.

Do you know who carries out the greatest number of gifts in the world? They are the Englishmen with an average of 16 gifts , followed by the Americans with 13. The Italians? The research says that every compatriot buy 9 gifts on average. The most parks are the Spaniards with 6.

Surprisingly it seems that the favorite place where you choose what to give is the bed (26%), probably - we add - equipped with tablets and magazines.

Country you go, cakes you find.

And what about Xmas cakes? Each country, sometimes each region, has its favorite recipe prepared and consumed only during the holidays.

  • In Italy there is no Christmas without Panettone or Pandoro.
  • French people adore the "Bûche de Noël", a cream of glazed butter with a log of wood shaped.
  • In Germany, the Lekuchen spicy biscuits are a family tradition.
  • The Dutch cultivate the tradition of Letterbanket, a cake shaped with the first letter of the family's surname.
  • And in the cold and far away Alaska? Donuts and of course smoked salmon... although sweet is not.

The strangest and unusual Christmas habits.

Let's go to the to curiosity and they would be many.


In Japan for example, Santa Claus becomes Santa Kuroshu and has two eyes on his forehead to better keep controling on bad children.


In Caracas in Venezuela people get to the Holy Mass with the roller skates.


In Norway the men hide the brooms in the house because they believe that the Christmas Eve coincides with the arrival of evil spirits and especially witches ready to ruin the plans of the feasts.


In the very religuious Portugal, there is the tradition of "Consoda", a moment in which the table is set up with a plate even for those who are no longer, the so-called "Alminhas a Penar", the Soul of the dead.

Czech Republic

But perhaps the most curious of all is the Czech Republic where in the Christmas period there is a tradition reserved for single women in search of the love of life. Those who want to get married must put their backs on the front door and throw, without looking, a shoe towards the doorway. If it lands with the tip pointing towards the door it means that it will get married within the year.

The gift as a universal tradition.

But there is a common thread that binds all countries indistinctly: the gift. From north to south, from east to west on every single nation there is no Christmas without gifts.Whether it is a small thought or something more, what is really important is to amaze, surprise, to be remembered without falling into the trivial, in the obvious, in "done without joy."

To whom did not happen to receive gifts that then ended up in the trash, were recycled or locked in drawers that will never more be opened?

We create gifts. by profession.

At Creativando we have a real passion for everything that concerns the world of gift. We've done our business. Thinking, designing, manufacturing "objects to give away" is what we do every day, all the holy days.
Any suggestions?

Give less, give better.

When we talk about gifts the quality has its importance, especially for those who receive them. If you want to be remember, don't forget this concept.

First step, "Study" the recipient carefully. It is crucial. Try to understand the lifestyle, the tastes, the hobbies, the desires.
This step boils down the risk of making mistakes.

Give a style

Try to be original and never trivial. Try to surprise. Try to leave a mark and not become the protagonist of something that ends up in oblivion very soon.

Made in Italy and value for money.

Not always Made in Italy means high price. Anything else. In most of cases the ratio between cost and real value of the object is exactly the opposite. As the perception of those who receive it.

Buying tips.

If you are thinking of something really new, original, never seen and especially Made in Italy here are some ideas for the next gifts. For all tastes and for all budgets.


Hummi Handbag

A humidifier for radiators that combines the useful to the delectable.To give to her friend "fashion addict".

Hummi Handbag


Hummi Frame

All the beauty, the functionality, the originality of a product that certainly does not go unnoticed.

To give to the mother-in-law, aunt, neighbor...

Hummi Frame


Hearts Special Edition Smile and Golden Love

The "Big Size" hearts of the Italian ceramic Heart Gallery collection.

Smile for the friend of "parties", Golden love for the great love.

Hearts Special Edition


Shovel Tray

Available in white, black and grey.  A "Cult" object, a very impressive table center.

To give to the accountant or lawyer friend (ironically...)

Shovel Tray


Deer Small Watch

Dedicated to those who love nature. Clean lines and materials (stratified HPL high resistance) innovative for this wall clock.

To give to the friend who hosts you in the chalet in the mountains...

Deer Small Watch



Remember the old handset. It is a passive Smartphone amplifier that increases sound up to 20 decibels.

To give to those who can not stand a moment without music.



Lonely Heart Tray

Generous size and suitable as fruit door, table center, service tray.

To give to those who appreciate simplicity and beauty.

Lonely Heart Tray


Hearts Angel White

One of the best sellers of the Heart Gallery collection with a reproduction of an original work by Keith Haring.

For Pop Art lovers or just for your lucky angel...

Hearts Angel White