The new collection Tree of Life

Published by Creativando 22 October 2019
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Positive thinking


The tree of life is more than just a symbol. It is something deeply rooted in many cultures, from ancient mythology to the most modern or traditional philosophical and esoteric currents of thought.

It is considered the source of life, the essence from which every living being originates. The four components of the tree, the Roots (safety and depth), the Trunk (solidity and resistance), the Leaves (vitality) and the Fruits (welth and richness) merge and give life to a message with a content rich in positivity and charm.
It is the wish for a life based on solid relationships, rich and intense in satisfaction and love. What more could you ask?

Another interpretation of this icon is the “beginning of life”. A starting point that can be interpreted literally or metaphorically. And when you think about it, our life is full of new beginnings: a birth, a marriage, a new job, a new relationship…


The Heart and the Tree.

The perfect symbiosis.

Two symbols that seem a match made in heaven, that release synergy from their encounter, that complement each other.

The heart, the pulsating organ and engine of life, and the Tree of Life. Thus this subject becomes the new absolute protagonist of the Heart Gallery collection (three-dimensional hearts made of ceramic), which brings together over 80 models interpreted by artists, designers and creatives from around the world.

The textual message is clear and positive: Source of joy, hope, wealth.


A gift full of meaning

A gift idea to break the mold of the usual objects lacking any other content. Something not trivial, deep and future-oriented.

That's why giving or receiving a Heart Gallery "Tree of Life" heart is much more than just a present. It's a message, a wish, a small masterpiece of Italian art and craftsmanship.

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The artist

The creative interpretation of the subject was made by Erichetta Novello, illustrator and passionate decorator of ceramics and glass, who – using a thousand shades of colours – has created a unique and recognizable style, a kind of "trademark". Her Tree of Life is the triumph of colour, joy, beauty and meticulous attention to details.

Not only hearts

The Tree of Life collection is not limited to the heart. The same subject, thanks to its graphic versatility and basic message, has been declined on different objects. As far as ceramics are concerned, a beautiful vase, a pin tray and even a trivet are already being worked on. The same subject is printed on the eco-leather fabric Tote-bag, which is part of the current collection. Placemats are also made: another practical and original product to decorate the table, or to be used also as a placeholder.