The fantastic world of colours in home decor: yellow

Published by Creativando 7 September 2016

Our trip through the universe of colours continues, their meaning, their curiosities, with a special focus on furniture and design.

You can find twelve things to know if your favorite colour is yellow.


1) As red, even yellow is a primary colour and its main meanings are light, energy, joy but also wealth and prosperity.

2) It is considered the "brightest" among the coluors. It is dyed of yellow what must be noticed. The tennis little balls are an example.

3) In Medieval culture yellow and its shades are the colour of shame and betrayal. Even today in some countries is a symbol of "cheating".


4) Unlike grey, synonymous of routine and repetition, yellow is the first colour instinctively associated with the holidays, sun and fun.

5) According to the science of Feng Shui it is perfectly suited for people suffering from depressive symptoms.

6) It's considered a tonic colour, warm, but not exciting. Also called the colour of intelligence.

7) Excellent colour for home. Definitely recommended for the living room, because it brings energy and facilitates exchanges and communication. More broadly in furnishing, yellow symbolizes success and joy of living.


8) It's a perfect colour for the bedroom, as it facilitates sleep, helps to regenerate and wake up well in the morning. Good the mix with Blue and Green. Superb with light purple (violet). To avoid the one with the white.

9) Talking about hair, the blond is the most loved colour by men and (according to a US research dated 2007) it seems that blonde women look younger than their age.


10) In Orient yellow it is a symbol of power, success, wealth. In China of wisdom and tolerance, too. In Japan of grace and nobility.

11) Yellow, connected to the solar plexus chakra, stimulates the mind, is appropriate to fight stress but also arthritis and rheumatism, and to help digestive and respiratory disorders.

12) Who has a preference for this colour is usually an open person with a fervid imagination. Who has a lot of expectations about the future, loves innovate and continually look for new experiences. A person that does its best to be admired, but tends to suffer from loneliness.

Now a small selection of objects and complements of the Creativando collection, to decorate your home. Totally yellow painted, obviously: