The fantastic world of colours in home decor: red

Published by Creativando 7 July 2016

Between science, imagination and a bit of irony, we propose a small exploration of the magical universe of colours, and their effects in everyday life and in our homes. We well known that colours influence our lives and all aspects related to it: psychology, work, education, creativity, sex and even the home decor and design.

We all have one or more favourite colour, chosen by the most talented and capable of “colourist”: it resides in our brain and is called instinct.

Twelve things to know if you love Red and want to decorate your home with this colour.


1) Red is a primary colour.
It has many and various meanings.
Passion, pride, strength, vitality. It is not a coincidence that it is the colour of blood and heart.

2) Red is considered the most powerful of colours, as to be considered definitely “the colour”.

3) Red is considered the “aphrodisiac” colour par excellence.
Do we get a nice red wall in the bedroom?

4) It’s also the colour that, together with white, stimulates appetite. Not by chance in many restaurants the tablecloths are checkered in red and white.


5) Red attracts gazes and turns on desire. Wearing red means to manifest, knowingly or less, the desire to seduce. Now just imagine two beautiful lips painted with a flame-red colour…

6) Red is the symbol of power and leadership.

7) It is also a warning sign since it is the first colour subconsciously perceived by the human eye.

8) Red is associated with the first chakra (Muladhara), located in the back of the pelvis between the coccyx and the pubis. Mental stability and ability to withhold the instinct is its meaning.


9) In China (and almost in every Far East country) red is associated with happiness and is an auspicious colour.

10) In chromotherapy red helps to cure depression problems, lung diseases and low blood pressure. Not bad, right?

11) In design and home decor it’s mainly used in the accessories rather than in furniture, because of its excellent and important “presence”. Feng Shui recommends it in representative areas of the home, as the living room or the studio.

12) It’s also the colour of joy and childhood. The playful colour by definition.

And, above all, always remember that the colours you like are good for your spirit. Very good. 

Now a small selection of objects and complements of the Creativando collection, to decorate your home. Totally red painted, obviously.