The fantastic world of colours in home decor: orange

Published by Creativando 7 October 2016

About Orange I would like to know!

Is it orange your favourite colour? Here you can find twelve things you should know about this colour, its characteristics, its meanings and its use in design, fashion and furnishing world.

1) The orange colour is made by combining two primary colours such as red and yellow. It is symbol of inner harmony, artistic and sexual creativity, self-confidence

2) It is considered a warm and reassuring colour and knows how to rouse and catch attention without being aggressive.

3) It helps to express oneself, to give your opinion, but also to listen to others. The basic concept of a good communication.


4) In opinion polls, orange appears to be (along with brown) definitely one of the less quoted and loved colours.

5) It has been recently discovered that the electromagnetic energy of orange has the same vibrational frequency of the DNA chain.

6) Orange stimulates the heart, it opens the stomach and it facilitates solving the digestive problems.


7) It’s also particularly suitable for women that (for psychological problems) find difficult to conceive.

8) Feng Shui suggests the use of this shade in the kitchen, the dining room and especially in the entryway because it’s a nice way of welcoming the guests.

9) It is perfect also for the bedroom, as it helps the couple to talk and confront each other. In this case it must be “balanced” with a relaxing colour, such as blue.

10) Because of its “stimulating” spirit, orange is also associated with workaholics, those people who are serious and very hard at work.


11) Orange around the world. In Ukraine and the Netherlands it’s the national colour. In India means sexual drive, passion, optimism. In Japan love. All over the world, energy and lust for life.

12) It is probably the less reproducible colour. One of the questions that remains still unanswered indeed is: “Why the gap between the natural colour (for example a fresh orange) and the (artificially) re-created is larger when it comes for orange shades, than any other colour range?”.

Now a small selection of objects and complements of the Creativando collection, to decorate your home. Totally orange painted, obviously.