The fantastic world of colours in home decor: blue

Published by Creativando 8 November 2016

Another step of our journey into the magical and fascinating world of colours, their meanings and their uses in Europe and all over the world, between curiosity and science, humour and information.

“In the blue that is painted blue”. Do you love blue? Is it your colour? Here twelve things to know.


1) Blue is considered, by far, the creative colour for excellence. It symbolizes freedom, helps our brain to escape and favours harmony with the surrounding environment.

2) It is overall, at every latitude and longitude, the preferred and beloved colour in the world. According to many surveys, the majority of world population loves this colour more than any other.

3) It is the colour of distance, of infinite, but also of reverie.


4) Love and devotion are blue. Opposite to green, which represents the "unfaithful love".

5) Par excellence, it is the colour of aristocracy and nobility. The famous “blue blood”.

6) The colour of peace. The brands and flags of ONU, Unesco and European Council have blue as absolute protagonist.

7) In clothes it is, along with black, the predominant colour in many wardrobes. It instills trust and self-confidence, and gives a sense of lightness and elegance. Moreover, not an insignificant detail: it slims.

8) Blue is used very often in food packaging. It is the “light” colour par excellence. It makes the products look lightest and less caloric.


9) Talking about furniture and design, instead, blue is suggested for small spaces, since it gives depth and breadth, while the use it is not recommended in the rooms of those people who find difficult to fall asleep and especially of those suffering of depressive disorders. The use it’s perfect instead, being the colour of water, in the bathrooms. Also it is very used in the points of sale, particularly in textiles and furniture branches, since it makes customers feel at ease and induces them to buy.

10) In the Tibetan mandalas, blue symbolizes the condition where one has exceeded the whirlwind of passions and conscience can examine everything clearly. The triumph of rationality.

11) Blue in the world: Western world: introversion, calm, charm. Egypt: happiness in the afterlife. China: wisdom. Cherokee Indians: defeat.

12) Blue is associated with the throat chakra and used to cure sleep disorders, headaches, stress or asthma.

Let yourself be inspired by blue…