The art of gifts, sign by sign: Gemini

Published by Creativando 20 May 2016

Quick thinking, curiosity and intellectual energy. Disruptive sympathy. Multifaceted and unstable character. Proverbial are the mood swings of Gemini. The ability to transform is an innate talent; as a gray and rainy sky where suddenly… appears a wonderful rainbow.

Gemini Energy

«Lying next to her by the ocean
Reaching out and touching her hand,
Whispering your secret emotion
Magic in a magical land».

(Bob Dylan - Mozambique)


The enemy in love is the routine. A light sprightly into the long-term relationships.... is a constant. But for Gemini, beyond sex, the intellectual harmony is crucial.


Brilliant, quick to learn. They love travelling and discover the world. The suitcase is always ready. Appropriate, almost indispensable, jobs in touch with innovations, travels and communication.

Art, music, show business...

Jean Paul Sartre, Alberto Sordi, Paul Gauguin, Marilyn Monroe, Che Guevara, Francesco Guccini, Bob Dylan, Prince, David Bowie.

China Girl

David Bowie


No place is far away for those born under this zodiac sign. India, with its contrasts, its landscapes, its many cultures, the people, the geographic, political and religious diversities.

Or the tentacular London, the real metropolis. Hypnotic and futuristic. Exciting and innovative with its places, the fashion, the art and its many temptations.

The sea is an island for Gemini. Better if wild, with solitary beaches and crystal clear waters. La Maddalena (Sardinia) and its depths. Lanzarote (Canary Islands) with its unlimited and undefiled beaches. Pure magic.


Yellow is the colour of light, happiness, cheerfulness and solarity. It stimulates the mind, gives energy and colour.

The ideal environment

For Gemini the light is the Zenit. So much attention must be given to the lamps and lighting. They prefer places with soft lighting, minimal and contemporary style spaces.

Always needed many bookcases and large shelves, indispensable to collect books and souvenir objects.

Gemini objects


A multifunctional «Cubolibre»

It can be used as a seat, coffee table or stool, thanks to the very high-density padding in polyurethane foam, upholstered with soft eco-leather digitally printed. A comfortable and utility furnishing accessory that gives style and personality to any room.

Available with different and pleasant graphics or reproductions of artworks.

Wich one for Gemini? No doubt: «Figures», printed with an original Keith Haring’s artwork.

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An unusual and creative abat-jour: «Comodina»

The asymmetrical design and the two graphic personalizations, black dots or the written version «È l’amore», make this light unique and original. Particularly ideal for modern and casual spaces.

Designed by CB Farinar, «Comodina» is made in varnished and printed metal. Made in Italy.

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«Travel Guru» diary

For great travelers and not simple tourists. An evolved travel “diary”, specifically designed for writing poems, drawing, painting, writing notes, collect stamps, labels, bus tickets, leaves and all those small thing that you find while travelling.

«Travel Guru» is composed by 3 different kind of sheets (those suitable for writing and drawing; those pre-cut and perfect to insert, for example, dried leaves or a particularly enjoyed stick of ice cream and 2 different sizes of PVC pockets) which become real archives of all that inspired us and will remind us the trip. «Travel Guru» is perfect for great and impertinent travelers, such as Gemini.

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«Art-Up Mirror»: mirror and coat-hook

It's a small mirror but it is also a useful coat-hook. And, above all, an object of design, with simple and modern lines. A contemporary classic. Easy to install and suitable for traditional as well as drywall walls. «Art-Up Mirror» is beautiful even when not used.

Made in HPL laminate and completed with a real mirror. The reflection of perfection.

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«On The Table(t)»

It looks like an iPad, but it’s a ceramic trivet. A surprising object and at the same time very useful, that can be used for hot pots or cafetieres, but also as small tray.

Customized with a fun and ironic graphics entirely recreated with Apps regarding the context "kitchen & food",«On The Table(t)» is an object in pure Gemini style. It is part of the Heart Gallery collection and it has been illustrated by Carmine Olivieri for CDT design studio.

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Two hearts for Gemini

A heart from the great Heart Gallery collection cannot be missed. Difficult choice.

Here two suggestions. First «Smiley Stickers». With five detachable stickers which represent five different smiley faces and their different moods. To change depending on the mood swings. Can you imagine anything more suitable for those born under this zodiac sign?

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Otherwise the more artistic «Dog+Baby», with two original Keith Haring’s images. One heart, two faces. A great gift.

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Best wishes, Gemini friends!