The art of gifts, sign by sign: Aries

Published by Creativando 21 March 2016

Our journey through the zodiac and design continues. If you enjoy being guided by the advice of the stars, in this article we tell you all about the Aries character and the objects it prefers. To make sure your gift will hit the spot!

Identity and passions of Aries

«This is languorous ecstasy,
This is sensuous weariness,
This is all the rustling of forests
In the embraces of the breezes.…»

(Paul Verlaine)

Life and love

Ambitious, brave, enthusiastic. A strong character and iron will. Hard-headed, too, but always the protagonists. Their instinctive lead-taking makes them more inclined to talk rather than listen.

To Aries, love is passion. And more passion.

A fiery passion for out-of-reach desires, improbable relationships, impossible dreams and grand coups de foudre, which are an Aries speciality! Inconstant and impatient yet delightfully brilliant, including in their relationships. They’re certainly not the bean counters of romance.


Aries and routine don’t get along at all well. Wherever there is a desk there certainly won’t be an Aries. Creativity and imagination rule the roost. Blessed with a strong, innate spirit of independence, they are perfect as self-employed persons or business people. They give their best in the field of communication and in the media.

Art, music, show business…

Johann Sebastian Bach, Aretha Franklin, Eric Clapton, Fiorella Mannoia, Elton John, Keith Jarrett. Milan Kundera, Samuel Beckett, Eric Fromm. Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh.

Over The Rainbow

Keith Jarrett


Always on the move and looking for new places, Aries people are great travellers. Sensitive to the charms of the Romantische Straße, amidst the scenery and castles of Bavaria. But equally ready for the bustling metropolis of New York with all its opportunities, perhaps taking part in the legendary New York marathon. Or enjoying the sun and sea on an island of the Maldives to escape, just for a while, from work and pressures.


Sunny yellow, the colour of energy, wisdom, knowledge. Above all, of light.

Red. Bright and shining, of course. A symbol of love and passion.

Strong, warm colours. Primaries. Ones that always provoke a response. No nuances. No half-shades. Personality and character. Unlimited.

The ideal setting

Aries like sober spaces and minimal furnishing. Always with that all-important touch of colour.

They love surrounding themselves with high-quality, designer pieces mixed with important, original, even exaggerated objets and accessories.

The sitting room or salon are the domestic nerve centres for entertaining friends and family, for dreaming and planning, for fantasy travelling to surreal worlds or planning the next business scheme. Their love of originality and innovation often leads them to renovate and reinvent their living spaces.

Aries’ Objects


The Lolita Bag, a revisitation of a Sixties design icon

Practical, ergonomic, its special high-density polystyrene microsphere padding means it perfectly adapts to the body’s curves.

Its versatility and high visual impact make the Lolita Bag ideal to suit the Aries’ pragmatic attitude and creativity.

Available in many colours (but what could be better than a beautiful red?!!) and made of Tecnoraso, a fabric with extraordinary, innovative characteristics, combining good looks with sturdiness and functionality.

Triple stitching and a security zip are a guarantee of solid, high-quality construction and durability.


Mondrian clock

Inspired by Mondrian’s geometric lines, this is the ideal furnishing accessory for the Aries home.

Simple yet elegant with bright colours and an unfussy design. Suitable for classic or modern furnishing styles. The attractive material – digital-printed multi-layer HPL – and the unusual vertical format make it a piece that will certainly stand out. Lots of personality and character.

Discover Mondrian clock


Mail Box: a useful, practical object

It looks just like an old-fashioned mail box: an unmistakeable shape covered in a photographic reproduction on silicone resin. It can be hung on the wall or placed on a table or shelf. Ideal for holding envelopes and bills at home or in the office.

An attractive novelty that certainly won’t go unnoticed.

Discover Mail Box


Bottone, from the Hummi Heart Gallery collection

Much more than a humidifier. A true decorative accessory, designed by Fabio Flora, and now available in five beautiful, brilliant enamels: red, blue, white, black and grey.

It has a stainless-steel hook for hanging it on a radiator, or it can be used as a simple vase in the warmer months. Original and surprising, in perfect Aries style. Il Bottone is made exclusively from selected Italian clay and enamels that are non-toxic and lead-free, like all other Heart Gallery products.

Discover Hummi

The hearts: passion and creativity

Among the hearts of the Heart Gallery collection the models for Aries are Boca by Oscar Casla, a Basque artist: the perfect idea for the passionate, creative types born under this sigh.

Or a great classic such as Laura Ellero’s Fragile.

Bold colours, creative designs, strong statements. Do you recognise yourselves, Aries people?

Happy Birthday!