The art of gift, sign by sign: Taurus

Published by Creativando 20 April 2016

Reliability is the best virtue of Taurus sign. What does he love? A peaceful yet prestigious place. Rooms must be warm, lived-in, comfortable. And with a lot of green. Let’s find some original gift ideas for our Taurus friends.

Taurus: sensibility and reliability

«Come on, let’s go in the lake.
Leave our clothes here.
Look at the moon! Look at all the planets!…»

(Charles Mingus)

Life and love

Attentive, affectionate, kind. They prefer realism to fantasy. Certainty to uncertainty. Friendship is very important to them. Having a Taurus friend means total reliability. Loneliness is their worst enemy. Feelings are their food of life. A stable union, their Holy Grail.

Taurus is sensual, passionate, capable of giving and receiving pleasure.


Their job is a fundamental matter. Practicality and beauty. Together. Those born under the sign of Taurus are invaluable, dynamic and pragmatic co-workers or partners. They reveal their talent in the professions – both creative and rational – which require special sensitivity.

Art, music, show business...

Stevie Wonder, Fiorello, Diego Abatantuono, George Clooney, Claudio Baglioni, Ella Fitzgerald, Sigmund Freud, William Shakespeare, Giovanni Paolo II e Karl Marx. 


Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong


Dublin, the capital of emerald Ireland, exploring the city’s pubs, history and delicious food. Or the nightlife and white beaches of Ibiza, an invitation to leisure and tan.

Or Baku, whose old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not very well known, but absolutely enchanting. A magic city, full of energy, temptations and culture.


Green, positively green. And all the natural shades which convey a feeling of calm, balance, intensity, harmony, exuberance, freshness and stability.

The ideal environment

Taurus people prefer a peaceful yet prestigious place. Rooms must be warm, lived-in, comfortable. The sofa is the cult place. Where they can lose themselves, find themselves, think, plan, dream and love.


Taurus objects


Peggy, the epitome of comfort

Much more than an armchair. It perfectly adapts to our body shape. Ergonomic and practical thanks to the high-density polystyrene microsphere filling. For our Taurus friends we suggest Flowers, a version that is both bright and elegant.

Discover Peggy


The Riccardo Mirror

Made of multilayer HPL, is another great gift idea; placed in the bedroom or entrance hall or, why not?, even in the bathroom. Available in red or fuchsia. A stunning designer piece with great visual impact.

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Money In The Box

Pragmatism and an awareness of the value of money are two of this sign’s distinctive traits. So here’s Money In The Box. They look just like books, but they are money boxes for our loose change and savings. An unusual, cultivated gift and, above all, useful.

There are six titles in the Money in the Box collection: Il Milione, The Art of Saving, Das Kapital, How to Make a Lot of Money, L’Isola del Tesoro and The Greatest Book of Money.

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The Hearts in line with the Taurus "style"

Among the many hearts in the Heart Gallery ceramic collection, we propose Chains, Besame Mucho, perfectly in line with the Taurus "style".


The Asterisk vase

An unusual, beautiful idea from the ceramic collections. The Asterisk vase has striking, geometric lines. A small ceramic masterpiece. A touch of class and one of the loveliest holders for a perfumed bouquet of roses.

Available in black or white. And, of course, exclusively Made in Italy with selected Italian clay and decorated with lead-free paints glazes. Like all Heart Gallery by Creativando products.

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