The art of gift, sign by sign: Libra

Published by Creativando 21 June 2016

Libra is beauty. Beauty is Libra. Generally speaking. One of the most desired and appreciated zodiac signs. Sensitive, rich of charm and with an innate sense of justice. Vain, but far to be balanced, always hanging in the balance between dream and reality.

Libra: sense and sensibility

«If I could but know his heart, everything would become easy».
(Jane Austen)

Life and love

Libra is the sign of union and feelings. Suffers loneliness. Optimistic and harmonious sign in the spirit, ready to throw itself heart and soul into liaisons. Refined lovers, the Libras always manage to derive positive experience from every relationship.


The reliability and talent in the management of other people’s money favourite professions related to banking and administrative world, while their creative and humanitarian nature pushes them towards artistic, musical and philanthropist situations. The endless dilemma.

Art, music, show business…

John Lennon, Luis Sepulveda, Italo Calvino, Arthur Rimbaud, Oscar Wilde, Brigitte Bardot, Marcello Mastroianni, Youssou N’Dour, Luciano Pavarotti, Zucchero, Monica Bellucci.


Jeff Buckley


Kyoto, in Japan, suspended between reality and enchantment, is a magic destination, with its gardens, temples, ancient history and, why not, its thousand of little restaurants.

South India. Towns and traditions, beaches and mysticism, culture and natural lagoons. Endless emotions and dreamy views.

Naples. Thousand of colours, the warmth of the Neapolitans, the natural sceneries, the shopping and gastronomy temptations: from «babà» to «pizza». Without forgetting a visit to the beautiful islands of the Gulf.


Pink is the colour of emotions that transmits affection, kindness, protection. Perfect association with the Libra, its humanity, delicacy and sensitive personality.

The ideal environment

Simplicity and practicality are undisputed protagonists. Better classically inspired lines and furnishings without exceeding with colours and eccentricity. Low profile. Libra doesn't like knick-knacks, but loves lights and lamps.

Libra objects


Coat Rack Paint Senior

A coat rack with Nordic-inspired design; functional, practical and without excesses.

Made with Italian beech, it has many hooks and also a tray that can be used as trinket bowl.

Available in three colours. The right one for the Libra? The white one, neutral and easy to insert in every situation.

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Stool AnyMal Pink/Oak

Multifunctional. It's a low table but also a sitting or a stool. A pleasant and clean design, with the chance to choose the preferred colour: oak or pink, according to the mood. Design: Barazzuol/Malisan.


Lonely Heart Tray

Italian ceramic for a round shaped tray, enriched with a stylized illustration of Laura Ellero. To serve a coffee, an aperitif and for all the social occasions that Libra loves.


Two Hearts

Yin-Yang. Reason and passion. Two worlds that complete each other and become one. Hard to find something more suitable for someone born under this sign.

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Notte+Giorno (i.e. Night+Day). Dream and reality, desire and rationality. A balance to find. A message of love and passion.

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