The art of gift, sign by sign: Leo

Published by Creativando 21 July 2016

Positive and sunny sign. Egocentric, for sure. Pride, strength and determination are Leo's elective peculiarities. It loves the set, and on the stage of life it's the absolute leading actor.

Leo's solarity

«My heart says one thing, my head says something else. I
t's very hard to get your heart and head together in life.
In my case they're not even friendly».

(Woody Allen)

Life and love

The innate sense of justice and an extremely generous character sometimes expose Leo to the disappointments of life.

Hot lover, it’s usually faithful and also very… jealous.


Always ready to fight to emerge and reach the summit, Leo loves the limelight. Manager, organiser, political, involved in artistic and media situations, but always as the protagonist.

Art, music, show business…

Jorge Amado, Banana Yoshimoto, Isabel Allende, Charles Bukowski, Alfred Hitchcock, Andy Warhol, Robert Redford, Mick Jagger, Edoardo Bennato.

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Rolling Stones


The city is Las Vegas, where everything is spectacle. Where everything is an opportunity. Where everything is exagerated.

Cuba, the dream island. Not only cigars rum and shores. Traditions, music and breath-taking panoramas.

Amsterdam. Between art, museums, clubs and their thousand temptations. Nothing better for an unforgettable night time.


Orange is the sign's colour. It inspires energy, creativity and happiness and it frees from negative and sad emotions, thus is a perfect antidepressant; just like Leo: cheerful, attractive and strong.

The ideal environment

Solar and welcoming places are the priority. Leo is always looking for comfort; it loves colorful curtains and easy to move furniture, making possible to renew very often the rooms where Leo lives. Not to be missed a very comfortable table to invite friends for dinner every night.


Leo objects


Deer wall clock

Not only a wall clock, but a very impressive piece of home decor.

Deer represents the shape of a deer, stylised with a contemporary view thanks to the use of an innovative material such as the HPL laminate, highly resistant.

Designed by Mattia Visentin, it's available in 4 finishes and 2 sizes.

Which one for Leo?
White color, big size. Of course.

Discover Deer


Keith Quark chair

Quark chair has simply and minimal lines, but a lot of personality thanks to the all over graphic taken from an original Keith Haring's mural.

A chair that will be noticed and admired.

Perfect for Leo's style.

Discover Quark Keith


Oplà things-holder

Design, functionality, appearance, research for special materials and particular finishes. It's Oplà, much more than a magazine rack or a fruit bowl. Designed by Area 44.

Discover Olplà


i-Woof smartphone speaker

An iconic and surprising object, but above all, very useful and environmentally friendly.

It’s a passive speaker for smartphones. No wires, no batteries.

It operates disfruting the natural principle of the propagation of sound, and ensures an increase of the sound up to 20 decibels. Unbelievable but true. Beautiful and practical.

Discover i-Woof


Hummi Vaso Nero

 A humidifier or a vase, it's up to you.

An essential design characterized by the blackboard finish that offers the possibility to customize write and draw.

A piece that never goes unnoticed. Just like King Leo. .

Discover Hummi Vaso Nero


Two Heart Gallery's hearts

Two among all.

Diamond. Elegant, rich of meaning and with a strong and clear message of uniqueness.

Discover Diamond


Then Boca, bright orange colour, with a beautiful illustration by Oscar Casla, a contemporary Basque artist.

Discover Boca

Happy birthday and summer!