The art of gift, sign by sign: Capricorn

Published by Creativando 23 December 2016

Practical, essential, decisive. People born under the sign of Capricorn don’t leave space to frivolities and flights of fancy. Order and austerity are innate characteristics, but also the love of nature and meditation.

The resolution of Capricorn

«I want love so badly,
I want you most of all…»

(David Bowie)



They are determined and lonely and open themselves with a few people, but when they do, love and generosity are total. Sometimes they are surrounded by a “Saturnian” pessimistic spirit, and always tend to see the glass half empty. They are also great perfectionists and attentive to every detail, especially in their professional environment.


Our Capricorn friends may seem cold, but actually they are only shy. They have a big heart, which is ready to do anything for the love of their life. Their dream is the “right” partner, a happy family and many kids. The innate sense of perfection, however, makes this goal sometimes difficult to reach. Another enemy to keep away is the fear of disillusion that – now and then – leads them to seek isolation and loneliness.


Capricorns are tenacious and have a high sense of responsibility that allows them to easily reach power positions. They are perfectly at ease with money and financial matters and excel in activities related to them, but also in professions that require manual ability, in teaching and in the show business.

Art, music, show business…

Edgar Allan Poe, Haruki Murakami, Chet Baker, Franco Battiato, David Bowie, Janis Joplin, Paul Cézanne, Henri Matisse, Umberto Eco, Kevin Costner.

La Cura

Franco Battiato


Toronto and Canada. Nature, order and labor lovers, Capricorns will adore Canada, its lakes, the boundless natural parks and a unique flora and fauna. Not to be forgotten the architectural and urban beauty of Toronto, multicultural metropolis and vital center of Canadian finance and business.

Yogyakarta (Indonesia). Cultural and historical capital of Java island, in Indonesia, Yogyakarta and its surroundings are a magical and charming destination, rich in art, crafts, food. Moreover the temples, like the legendary Borobudur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the largest Buddhist temple in the world with its 2,672 bas-reliefs, among which you can find more than 500 statues of Buddha. Unmissable.

Istria (Croatia). Natural paradise, where you will encounter the clear sea, isolated small seashores, but also rolling hills where getting lost doing trekking and mountain biking to discover oils, wines, hams, truffles and the beautiful port cities on the coast, from Rovinj to Pula, between Venetian palaces and restaurants, where you can taste fresh fish watching the sea.



Black. The colour of mystery and silence, of protection and infinite. All features typical of this sign: austere, tidy, solitude and interior life lover.

The ideal environment

Capricorns prefer an urban and dynamic style where practicality and functionality of the furniture are the masters.

The vintage furniture is a true passion, as well as natural and rich fabrics from very intense and warm tones.

Capricorn Objects


«Asterisk» Black

A “design” piece, eye-catching and stylish, a vase that is almost a sculpture.

Modern, but easy to fit into any style at home or office. Designed by Laura Ellero for Heart Gallery, it’s available in white and glossy black, the cult colour of Capricorn.

Discover Asterisk



A “small revolution” in the world of umbrella stands.

Tris is the first umbrella stand designed to hold three different dimensions of umbrellas. Inspired by New York skyscrapers, «Tris» is made of metal and treated with epoxy paint.

A useful object, simple, with a pleasant and ergonomic design. Love at first sight.

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«Quark» Pop Black

An essential and clean design, by nordic style inspiration. The graphics however, has been revisited in a contemporary way with a texture with white dots on a black background (or vice versa in the Pop White model). Practicality and beauty with a touch of creativity for the careful and pragmatic Capricorns.

«Quark» is made of Italian beech plywood, coupled with digitally printed laminate.

The legs, of chromed iron, are designed to make «Quark» a stackable chair.

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Even among the hearts, two tips for the Capricorn.

«Take Care», designed by Manuel Stefanutti, is one of the novelties of the ceramic hearts collection Heart Gallery. The illustration recalls the great Broadway’s neon signs; the message is clear and unambiguous: perfect for the romantic Capricorn.

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One more tip is the big grey «Grigio» heart, which is part of Heart Gallery Special Edition collection: ceramic hearts made in extra-large format. Matt gray finishing, on which you can write a message, a wish, a memo, with the chalk which is attached to the heart. A beautiful and unusual piece, elegant and interactive.

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