The art of gift, sign by sign: Cancer

Published by Creativando 20 June 2016

Sentimental, creative, seductive, determined but also stubborn and insecure. The world of Cancer is populated with contradictions. An armor protects a sweet and emotional character. Home and family are priority. Sex is love. And vice versa.

Feelings and purity of Cancer

«In the cherry blossom’s shade there’s no such thing as a stranger».

Love and profession

Those born under this sign are tender and romantic lovers, ready for everything for the supreme feeling.

The deep thought and innate empathy, favour social or introspective jobs in art, psychology, medicine and teaching fields.

Art, music, show business…

Hermann Hesse, Franz Kafka, Meryl Streep, Giorgio Armani, Tom Cruise, Ernest Hemingway, Carlos Santana, Cyndi Lauper, Lady Diana.

Time After Time

Cindy Lauper


Good traveller, curious and careful, the Cancer loves romantic escapes.

Hong Kong and its charm suspended between Orient and Occident, the thousand markets and districts, the food, the places, the alternative shopping, it is an unmissable destination.

And how not suggest Mexico? For its sea, and more. For the traditions, the archaeology, its warm people and, above all, for a rich and various handicraft, unique in the world. It’s a great temptation for a Cancer.

For every Water sign the sea is an ancestral call… And for a Cancer the sea is a candid beach where lie down from dawn to dusk, alternating baths and swimming faraway from the confusion. Minorca, calm, always sunny and rich of isolated coves: the perfect shelter.


The purity and candor of white, fits perfectly with the pure and innocent Cancer's character. It brings peace and wellness, and helps to overcome the isolation moments, where sometimes people born under this sign take refuge.

The ideal environment

Warm, refined and cozy. The house is the vital center, illuminated by natural light, with plenty of shelves, bookcases and racks where to store family photos, collections, design objects, (small and large, sometimes bulky) and travel souvenirs. Large spaces, few walls. And the green, great protagonist. Many plants, preferably fat plants or with large leaves. Everywhere. Natural style.

Cancer objects


«Edward», an unusual coat-rack

Inspired by nature, designed by Laura Ellero.

Practical, creative, double face, usable on both sides, which are always of different color or texture.

Made of HPL and therefore resistant to scratches, impacts, moisture and also suitable into the bathroom (as a towel holder or towel rack) and for outdoor areas, such as patios or arcades. Available in 5 colours or artistic versions.  Cancers will love it.

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«Miss & Mister Paint» (White) chair and low table

Nordic style and a touch of Italian creativity. A pleasant and functional mix. Appearance and ergonomics.

«Miss Paint» chair and «Mister Paint» low table look like they were made for environments suitable for people born between June 22nd and July 22nd.

The materials are beech for the legs, and beech plywood laminate for the body. Available in 3 “very cool” colours. White 2010, Red and Grey…

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«Chocolate» trivet

Cancer friends love sweets and especially chocolate. So, with a bit of irony, surprise them with «Chocolate»: it looks like a bar of chocolate, but it’s instead a useful ceramic trivet, where to put boiling pots or smoking cafetieres. Packaged in a beautiful book look-alike box. Great effect and manages to get a smile.


«The Art Panels» wall panels

Something new and artistic to embellish the walls of Cancer’s home. «The Art Panels» are made of corrugated cardboard, they are 4 cm thick, with black core.
They reproduce works and illustrations of affirmed artists and they are digitally printed. Ecological, exclusive and coloured. The small size (only 34 cm of diameter), the ease to hang them (just a thin nail needed) and the originality of their subjects, make «The Art Panels» a “Picture/Object” nice to give and to give yourself too.


Flowers vase

In a Cancer’s home the flowers are never enough. And also the vases to contain them.

The black oval vase «Heller Garden», where an original Keith Haring’s work made in Gardone Riviera on Garda Lake is represented, it’s the perfect synthesis between style and utility.

Of course all italian ceramic, lead-free, that uses only non-toxic glazes.

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In alternative, for the romantic and passionate Cancers, «Senza di Te», with a poem of CB Farinar, hand written. A gift that will make them remember you.

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Heart Gallery collection

Among the Heart Gallery heart collection many are the subjects suitable for the Cancer character, for its sensitivity, emotionality and idealism.

Given a choice here’s «Priority Mail» or «WE» (that means Wonderful Emotions). Enclosed in a precious wrapping gift box, every heart of the collection is hand made in Italy and it can be used as paperweight, hung to the wall thanks to a hook, or simply used as a message of love, friendship, gratitude, affection, respect.

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