The art of gift, sign by sign: Aquarius

Published by Creativando 25 January 2017

Power to imagination. Here are the Aquarius. Intelligent, original, nonconformist enough, do not follow trends, but create and anticipate them. They have a sociable and gentle spirit and are constantly projected to search that great invention that can make the world “a better place”.

Nonconformism of Aquarius

«M’illumino d’immenso»
i.e.: «I flood myself with light of the immense».
(Giuseppe Ungaretti)



Love, sex, friendship and… freedom are the four cardinal points of people born under this sign, that filter everything through the lens of idealism. They like to establish with the partner an almost brotherly relationship, but beware of pleasant surprises, even under the sheets. It’s worth remembering that, in the name of their free spirit, they are capable of overturning their love life at any moment..


Their innovator spirit and the enormous mental ability and manual gifts, direct the Aquarius toward activities related to science, medicine and anthropology, but also they shine in creative professions, such as graphic design, photography and music.

Art, music, show business…

Bob Marley, Vasco Rossi, Massimo Troisi, Charles Dickens, James Joyce, Fabrizio De André, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin.

Un Mondo Migliore

Vasco Rossi



Grey, since it’s able to protect from external influences, is associated with independence, but it is also the colour that leads to estrangement.

And no doubt it’s the reference colour for the Aquarius sign: generous, stable, but also independent and evasive.

The ideal environment

The Aquarius style is personal and preferably with wide space available. It likes to be surrounded with extravagant "pieces" and, above all, with paintings and contemporary art works.
Great libraries cannot be missed, but the real weak point is the "do it yourself" furniture.
For their furniture they prefer vivid, strong and eccentric colours.

Aquarius Objects


«Mondrian Style» wall clock

Linear design and unusually vertically developed.
The Bauhaus-inspired clear primary colours, make it a perfect object in an Aquarius environment.
Designed by Renzo Schiratti, it’s made with stratified HPL digitally printed. Dim. 20x1x74 mm.

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«I:Pop» with Red Cover

A comfortable and multifunctional pouffe, with a cylindrical shape. Upholstered with white artificial leather fabric, durable and easy to clean; the padding is made of high density and highly resistant polyurethane.
If you wish, you can easily dress it with a removable Lycra cover, available in different colours. For the Aquarius? A nice bright red!

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«Corazón» humidifier

A practical and iconic object at the same time. A humidifier with an unusual and designed shape.
It’s conceived as a radiator humidifier, but during summer it can be used as a wall flower vase.
Made using only italian clay, no lead, non-toxic glazes and fired mainly using solar energy.

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The Balloons are suitable to decorate the walls of a house or a studio in a perfect "Aquarius” style.
They look real, but are made of ceramic. Available in nine colours, give to any wall lightness, personality and a touch of surprising creativity.
Between art and design, each Balloon of the Heart Gallery collection is a small masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship.

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«David» heart

Among the hearts of the Heart Gallery collection, we suggest «David», a reproduction of a painting by Luciano Lunazzi: eccentric and versatile globetrotter artist.
It’s a "humanized" heart treated with a Pop and very contemporary style. Beautiful with a soul.

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