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Published by Creativando 18 December 2017

Tavolino Trilogy

 «On a warm day of June, I met Mauro under the beautiful porticoes of Via Mercatovecchio, in Udine. He asked me if I was in the mood to design a new collection of complements, starting from a low table. So we agreed to meet and talk in Creativando show-room. Mauro clarified the brief of the project: materials, maximum size, costs, etc. As he explained it all, I translated my ideas into drawings. Getting from my grammar, I started from the equilateral triangle, a symbol of proportion, to add circles that, without edges, convey an idea of infinity and harmony. This is how the Trilogy collection was born. From “3”, the perfect number and the composition of simple geometric figures».

Fabio Flora, designer


The designer

Fabio Flora

When Creativando asked me to write a short autobiography I read again an article that Virginio Briatore dedicated to me on the pages of the design magazine «Interni». He wrote a profile where I recognize myself and my philosophy.

I have always liked to consider my design activity as a service, as a way of giving answers and shape to a desire. I have drawn many objects for different sectors, from office furniture to bathroom accessories, from mirrors to umbrellas, for small and large companies, mixing with shapes and colors, materials and lights. When I think about a project I would like the result to be the representation of an idea, the essence of a concept. That it is also the expression of a way of living based on desire discovery and recognition in the simplest things.

Among the various collaborations, I like to remember, those with Fantoni, Varaschin, Blues, Lumicharm, Karboxx, Damiani/Indaf, Tafaruci, Xedra and, of course, Creativando.


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