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Published by Creativando 1 February 2018

"Love Is Not a Toy" collection

«Surrounded by a reality that treats us badly, it takes refuge in a playful game.
"We are the children", a mosaic of toys and small plastic objects, is an artwork I have undertaken, not to go to Mars, but to find a hug, to return to forgotten dimensions, to play with colours. In each little space a day is discovered, in each character a childhood is relived. I like to reinvent the things, it fascinates me what can be fixed in the memory up to the most meticulous detail; I like to surprise the eyes of the beholder. As a broken vase is recomposed, so a story or an awakening in memory is reborn. I want to think, to find a treasure, a dream possible with open eyes: who we were, who we are, where we will go...for love. There are many reds: cherry, purple, ox's blood, coral, salmon, raspberry, cardinal, fuchsia, burgundy, magenta, Pompeian, lobster… long live RED. There are many games: hopes for LOVE».

Elle, designer


The designer

Laura Ellero, Elle

Nomadic style and an anomalous biography for a designer who addresses the world of art following training in the sector with instruction in graphics and design as well.
A niche of talent, creativity, and philosophy, Laura Ellero propels innovative ideas in different directions. Free to mix things up, contaminate and be contaminated, but independent, current, essential.
NewEllePop is her artistic communication in which Laura conserves and expresses the assurance of an innate formula: color blends, forms, and fades in harmony. Laura Ellero’s work has been displayed in many topical international shows. In addition to being a “worker of art”, she is a genuine and authentic, innately creative soul.


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