Heart Stories
(told by those who created them)

Published by Creativando 21 May 2018

Art, design, poetry, graphics, creativity, dream. In the Heart Gallery ceramic hearts collection you can find all of this. The perfect personal and creative message-gift. Let's find out together how some of the best sellers were born, in the words of those who created them.

Heart «Parole scritte»

«Life runs through our fingers, days pass fast, one after another, and in the frenzy of daily commitments (sometimes) we run the risk of forgetting to take a moment for ourselves and the loved one, of reminding us how important it is to have a reference point in the midst of the multitude of people we meet. Thus, in the tide of messages swallowed up by our smartphones, these "written words" on the heart emerge, to remind us how wonderful it is to meet the other's gaze and to find there (always) a safe harbor».

Cinzia Pascutto


The Artist

Cinzia Pascutto

I was born in Turin (Italy) and of this city I bring with me the love for "gianduiotti", "agnolotti", "barolo" and "bagna cauda".
I like summer and red fruit. I love skies. Clear, drawn by the clouds, the black ones and the moment before the storm. I love the innocent colour of children's eyes, their laughter and their scent of life.
I like walking barefoot, watching people's faces, taking a lot of pictures (often just with my eyes), traveling, tasting new flavours, feeling new smells. Lose myself in the lyrics of the songs that describe me, and that I would have liked to know how to write. I like to think that love improves and exalts every gesture and every intention. Because love is necessary.


Heart Gallery. A collection to love.

Heart Gallery hearts are the result of the meeting between the passion for art, design, poetry and the great tradition of Italian handmade ceramics.

The hearts are entirely handmade and reproduce images, works or poems by artists and designers from all over the world.

Land, water, fire, art and many many passion. That's how each of our ceramic hearts is born. Everything made in Italy, using only local clay and non-toxic and lead-free glazes. Moreover, the kilns are mainly powered by solar energy. An authentic and original project, which has fused soul and material, technique and experience, creativity and talent.

Each heart is a message, a small, great ceramic masterpiece. Heart Gallery. Italian ceramics. Handmade, thought with the heart.