Heart Stories
(told by those who created them)

Published by Creativando 20 February 2018

Art, design, poetry, graphics, creativity, dream. In the Heart Gallery ceramic hearts collection you can find all of this. The perfect personal and creative message-gift. Let's find out together how some of the best sellers were born, in the words of those who created them.

«God Save Love» Heart Gallery heart

«The simple message of pure and consecrated love is represented in an irreverent and, at the same time, ironic way. The iconic image of "God Save the Queen" by Sex Pistols, a musical group and emblem of the English Punk movement, is transformed. Christ takes the place of the Queen of England, and the English Union Jack assumes the colors of the Italian flag, in honor of the author’s native country and the “Made in Italy” (to which the company that produces it belongs)».


«Boys' Love» Heart Gallery heart

«Deco design, but with a rock’n roll soul! The golden graphic design is rich in recurrent symbologies referring to the author and it embellish this heart making it the perfect gift for a gay male couple. The real message of "Boys' Love" is that of universal love that applies to all genders. A design piece and an important symbol at the same time. Through its design it affirms the sovereignty of love as a personal choice, free and unconditional».


The artist

Christian Taddio

My innate passion for drawing and painting began in my childhood, nurtured by my family environment. My creativity grew into a variety of outlets, and my artistic training developed through multidisciplinary fields and in international contexts. At the same time, my love for the alternative rock movement pushed me across the borders of Italy. In the ’90s, I lived between London and Los Angeles and I worked for design and communication agencies, where I was influenced by artistic cultural movements and creative ferments that only an international metropolis can offer. Art, design, music, fashion, shows, cinematography and travel are my passions, from which I draw inspiration for my projects. My interest for music, in particular, has led me to choose the world of record companies and the artistic direction of events in the sector, with a focus on scenographic set-ups


Heart Gallery. A collection to love

Heart Gallery hearts are the result of the meeting between the passion for art, design, poetry and the great tradition of Italian handmade ceramics.

The hearts are entirely handmade and reproduce images, works or poems by artists and designers from all over the world.

Land, water, fire, art and many many passion. That's how each of our ceramic hearts is born. Everything made in Italy, using only local clay and non-toxic and lead-free glazes. Moreover, the kilns are mainly powered by solar energy. An authentic and original project, which has fused soul and material, technique and experience, creativity and talent.

Each heart is a message, a small, great ceramic masterpiece. Heart Gallery. Italian ceramics. Handmade, thought with the heart.