Give yourself a Pop Christmas

Published by Creativando 6 December 2018

The contemporary one of Keith Haring artworks

For those who appreciate contemporary art the name of Keith Haring has a great meaning. It is indeed one of the artists, with Andy Warhol and Basquiat, who have left an indelible imprint of style and character on the world stage of art and that will probably be remembered as Pop icons and real precursors for the originality of their sign, the capacity of synthesis and the semiotic strength of their works, never trivial and predictable.


A short but intense story

Amongh the three, Keith Haring is probably the most complex and controversial personality, but also the one that, with his simple and linear trait, has been able to understand and synthesize so well the impulses of a society, during the 90s, full of contradictions, anxieties and social tensions.

Son of Joan and Allen Haring, born on May 4th 1958 in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

He reveals his artistic talent very young and, after regularly attending high school, enters at the Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh.

The hippie culture

In 1976, on the wave of the new youth dispute and hippie culture, he tours the United States by hitchhiking, touching various cities of the country in order to observe more closely the works of the artists of the American scene, those so often seen only on the pages of specialized journals.

Back in Pittsburgh, he enters the university and holds his first major exhibition at the Pittsburgh Arts and Crafts Center.

From Street Art to museums

Son of street culture, happy childbirth of the so-called street art in New York, before his consecration inside the "official" world of art, was initially an outcast.

In 1978 he joins the School of Visual Arts in New York, becoming popular – in the early 80s – with murals made in the subways and, later, with his works exhibited here and there, between galleries of various kinds and "vernissages" more or less improvised.

He dies very young at the age of 31, because of Aids. His works became subject of worship and regularly exhibited in the most successful museums of the planet.

From museums to your houses

Since more than 18 years, Creativando has collaborated with the Keith Haring Foundation in New York, that holds all the rights of the artist's most significant works. From this fruitful partnership, many Creativando brand products that reproduce the signs of Keith on objects of daily use were born.
A simple and beautiful way to get in the house or give, to those who appreciate, a small work of art by one of the most quoted contemporary artists.

Objects or works of art?

Now imagine you are in a virtual gallery, and undertake a small path between the works of Keith, all reproduced faithfully on ceramic objects, upholstered or home accessories, all Made in Italy with high quality materials and a manufacturing attention where nothing is left to chance. Just like in a work of art.

Any ideas?

Here is a series of objects that have two common denominators: the wonderful art of Keith Haring and the Creativando quality.


If you are looking for a piece of furniture here is CUBOLIBRE or MINI I:POP.
Both can be used as a sitting or low table.

Are you couch guys?
Here is the blanket in boiled wool MEN WITH HEART, warm and enveloping.

A large pillow and great quality?
HEART HANGING, in pure Italian cotton, is the right one for you.


A gift? One of the three-dimensional hearts of the Heart Gallery collection, ANGEL WHITE or ANGEL BLACK. Elegant and unforgettable.

Also in ceramic, the KEITH'S HEART vase, where each flower will be enhanced, or HUMMI VASO K.H., the humidifier for radiators that can also become a vase.

For those who can't do without a clock, there are two proposals: KEITH TEXTURE, a piece of the Clock in a Box family, in laminated cardboard, or CIRCLE, available in white or black finishing and made of stratified HPL.

And finally, a fashion accessory, the HAPPY FAMILY BLACK Tote-Bag, in digitally printed eco-leather, also available in other variants. Beautiful and very practical.