Furnishing the living room.
The power of ideas.

Published by Creativando 7 April 2016
Home Ideas

The living room is, as we know, the area in the home where we spend the most time. A place for relaxing, reading a book, watching television, welcoming friends and relatives. Which is why it’s important to choose furnishings which meet our particular requirements and, above all, are in harmony with our personality and taste.

The following are a few essential pointers to keep in mind when starting to furnish the living room.


Judge the space

The first thing to consider when choosing furnishings is undoubtedly the size of the room. Everyone dreams of having a huge sofa, for example, but if it’s placed in a space of only a few square metres it will be overpowering and ostentatious. A balance between the furniture and the amount of space is essential.


Choose a style. Elegant or offbeat?

Choose according to your taste and inclinations. Feeling at ease in your own living room – as anywhere in your home – is highly important.

There are no rules apart from those of good taste and of good looks combined with functionality.

Colours galore or neutral shades?

Choosing between strong colours or more delicate, classic tones is purely a matter of taste. However, an elegant combination of these two options very often gives the living room a unique touch of magic and personality.


The walls. A fundamental decision.

White or coloured? Wallpaper or decorated? There are many attractive options. A large, empty wall may give a cold, impersonal effect. Perhaps it’s better to alternate white and colour, or a plain colour and wallpaper.

Be careful with pictures or decorations. A rich, full but tidy wall is preferable to one sparsely decorated with no pictorial or aesthetic ideal.


Not a secondary aspect.

Light is everything. Light gives. Light takes away. Light affects beauty.

You must consider the lighting very carefully.

The best solution is to seek the advice of a lighting expert or an architect.

The importance of accessories

Furnishing accessories make the difference. They should not be underestimated. Here are a few ideas for making your living room unique and personal. In the Creativando spirit.


Chairs: the Quark range

Simple yet original, creative yet practical. Digital-printed laminate. With the Keith pattern, an original by Keith Haring, or Makkia, by Ellero Laura.

The perfect way of adding a touch of art and colour to the living room.

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Chairs: the Paint range

Made of laminated Italian beechwood, more suited to on-trend, designer settings.

Available in three colours. Dark grey, red and white.

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A living room "must have": a coffee table

We suggest a Rududù, or a Mister Paint. Different styles, uniquely practical.

Or a Cubolibre, a soft eco-leather pouf-cube with high-strength polyurethane foam padding. Available in different styles with various decorations and fabrics. (link). Multipurpose. Can be used as a seat or a stool. Easily blends with any furnishing style.


Flowers on the walls...

Stylised ceramic flowers. Colourful and highly appealing, they are an elegant, personal form of wall decoration. For those who like surrounding themselves with colour and beauty.

Flo are part of the Heart Gallery ceramic collection handmade in Italy from Italian clay and painted only with lead-free non-toxic enamels.

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... or Art Panels

Decorative honeycomb cardboard panels with a black soul and original artwork by Luciano Lunazzi and Laura Ellero, two Pop Art artists.

Original subjects and bright colours, an unusual and certainly creative way of decorating a wall.

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