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Published by Creativando 1 October 2018
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«Only fools could think of making a ceramic balloon!!!», a client told me one day. And maybe it is really like this. It takes a small, healthy dose of madness in the continual research to transform an emotion, an intuition, a creative wriggle into products that will be used to decorate homes all around the world. The idea of the ceramic Balloon, for example, was born one evening during a dinner at friends' house. The kids were playing and popping the balloons. They had a fun world. By chance, a balloon landed on the table and I found it in my hands. I watched it with a little attention. I thought it was an object so simple and at the same time so beautiful that it had in its form all iconic requirements of Pop Art. It is not by chance that many contemporary artists, from Koons to Banksy, have reproduced and reinterpreted it in their artworks.


From the idea to the challenge

I passed the balloon to my table neighbor, Fabrizio, our "pottery man". «What about doing it in ceramics?». His answer was to remove the bottle of Pinot noir from my place!

The next morning I arrived to the lab with a big bag of balloons of a thousand colors. We started to inflate them all to find the shape, size, balance we were looking for. For three days we were locked in the laboratory between fluttering balloons, smiles, difficulties of any kind, the doubt of wasting time and, especially ,the fear of disappointment not being able to complete in a perfect way a project that now we were feeling our own. It had become a challenge. Between us and the material, between us and the pottery.

Behind the almost trivial simplicity of the lines and the idea, indeed, the technical barriers in the realization phase were many, from the creation of the mould to the realization of the "madreforma", until the identification of the way of baking in the oven and the more suitable enamels, without forgetting the fixing pin, which we finally decided to design and manufacture in stainless steel in order to make the product usable even in outdoor areas, such as patios and terraces. And – above all – make the Balloon swiveling and directionable at the customers discretion.

Creativando style

When they ask me to tell about our company I like to use the concept of “Creativando style", because I believe that all the objects that we think, design and realize have a story that connects them: the desire to surprise, amaze, give beauty. To the room of a house, to the wall of a hotel, or to a person.

Even today, after twenty years of activity, we are excited when from a situation of everyday life we take a cue for a new product, when we see the idea taking shape and turning away in something real. We are overwhelmed by enthusiasm when, at the end, we see it completed and appreciated by our customers.

This is the creative spirit.

We like to work and experience different materials, we like contemporary art and in particular Pop Art, and we have often transferred masterpieces of artists on individual products. I still remember the amazement and also a little skepticism of the boss of the Keith Haring Foundation in New York, when we proposed to use the pictures of the great Keith to realize the sitting cubolibre. «Are you really sure about that?», he told us. But we believed on the project and insisted and our conviction and determination at the end convinced him.

Today the models of Cubolibre with images of Haring are among the best sellers products of our company. Our everyday work develops between art, colors, creativity but also with the pursuit of absolute quality and this concept remains a polar star of our path.

Creativando in a nutshell? We love to create and give emotions.

Mauro Bassani

Here's a little anticipation of objects and complements conceived and realized to surprise and entertain.


Trilogy coffee table

"Three", the perfect number. Three heights, three shelves of three different diameters, a simple but "definitive" design. Functionality and beauty, cleanliness of lines and aesthetics. All in a small coffee table. To be fixed in the entrance, next to the sofa in the living room or even in the bedroom as bedside table.

Designed by Fabio Flora is made of metal and painted with epoxy powders with high scratch resistance and availablein three colours: Matt White Ral 9010, Matt Red Ral 3020 and matte black RAL 9005.

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Umbrella Holder Tris

Tris is revolutionary. Much more than just a classic umbrella holder. Tris has been conceived and designed to contain every type of umbrella.

Three different compartments, separated from each other so as to prevent large umbrellas from crushing smaller ones. Moreover, the three different heights of the containers make sure that, even to recover the smal lumbrellas you should not get lower and bend your back. Pure ergonomics.

Tris is inspired by the skyscrapers of the New York skyline and was designed by CDT.

It is made of sheet iron from mm. 2 and painted with high-strength epoxy powders. Tris is also suitable to contain small plants or flowers. Available in white Ral 9016.

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A symbol that belongs indelibly to our memory, an icon of Pop Art, a decorative object of great effect.

Made of Italian ceramics, like all the products of the Heart Gallery collection, the Balloon is available in 9 contemporary and modern colours, all completely non-toxic and free of lead.

Suitable for entrances and living rooms, it is ideal for giving lightness and colour to the children's room. It also lends itself perfectly to artistic and creative installations. The pleasantness of the shape, the attention to details and the extreme care of every detail make Balloon an object of absolute cult.

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Happy Family Tote Bag

A bag for all occasions. Comfortable, easy to "wear", stylish and "eyes catching". Made of durable, digitally printed quality leather fabric, it brings back one of the most important and recognizable images of the genius of Pop Art Keith Haring.

Also available with other images interpreted by contemporary artists and designers. Dimensions 40 x40 cm.

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Coat Hanger Billy

The beauty of ceramics and the simplicity of geometry. This is Billy. A coat hanger of design, color and personality suitable for any wall. Like an entrance, a bathroom, a small room. Billy, made of Italian ceramic, with non-toxic and lead-free enamels, is the essence of the contemporary accessory. It hangs on the walls thanks to a stainless steel fixing pin that makes it usable also in external environments. Useful, practical, decorative, beautiful and functional. He's not missing anything.

Available in 5 colors. White, black, blue, red and yellow.

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Cubolibre Happy Family White

Seat, stool or even coffee table. A multifunctional complement and great presence thanks to the original images of Keith Haring reproduced on all the faces of the cube.

Cubolibre is perfectly located in modern and contemporary environments and thanks to its polyvalence it lends itself to being included indifferent rooms such as the entrance, the living room next to the sofa, the children's room but also in the bathroom as a comfortable base. The internal padding is in high-density polyurethane, resistant and rigid, while the outer covering is in high-quality, digitally printed leather fabric.

Cubolibre is available in many color variants and with different graphics all modern and distinctive. The dimensions are 40x40x40 cm.

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Humidifier Bottone

A universal and iconic symbol becomes a useful, beautiful and amazing humidifier for radiators and heaters.

Bottone is available in six bright colours and is part of the Heart Gallery collection, all italian ceramic, handmade using only national clay and non-toxic lead-free enamels. Another peculiarity of these objects is the high volume of water it can contain. During the summer season the button turns into a useful vase of flowers and still remains a piece of furniture and design that makes pleasantly creative and modern every environment.

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Wall Clock Mondrian

A vertical and unusual shape for this wall clock inspired by the geometric lines and elegance of the combination of the primary colours of the Bauhaus style. It is made of thick stratified, highly resistant and refined at the same time, printed in digitally. A real piece of design that gives charm and prestige to the wall.

The dimensions are 20x1x740 cm.

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Balloon Mirror

A funny, ironic and unique wall mirror. The shape of the balloon evokes childish and dreamlike images, but the attention of design, the quality of the material and workmanship make the balloon Mirror a product of great value and pleasantness.

Suitable for entrances, bathrooms, rooms, living rooms but also for public spaces and places. The composition, also free according to taste, more mirrors, usually in odd numbers of three or five, can give life to decorative situations of rare and unusual beauty.

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Lolita Bean Bag

A great classic revisited according to qualitative criteria of production and choice of innovative and durable materials. Lolita is the comfort made bean bag, a place where to get lost and take refuge, an object of which it is difficult not to fall in love.

The triple seam, "cut and sew" and "linear” guarantees maximum tightness and resistance to tearing. The attention to the fabrics is maximum, both in the Hi-Tek version made of hi-Quality nylon in soft hand both in the imitation leather version. The internal padding in high-density polyurethane spheres are resistant and guarantee a very high duration of sitting cycles.

Lolita is available in many different colours, classic, modern and some also very contemporary. Moreover, the generous dimensions of the armchair offer to the human body a perfect ergonomic position for rest and relaxation.

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