Decorate the walls of your home with creativity: some suggestions

Published by Creativando 5 January 2016
Home Ideas

The walls of the house, as commonly known, are always a great creative challenge. Is it better to let them white and "clean", or decorate them? And if you choose the second option which solution is preferable? What accessories to choose? Decorate them fully or partially? A single large object or many smaller?

Obviously there isn’t just one answer. Everything depends on the design and the style you've chosen to furnish your house and, above all, by the taste and personality of those who live it daily. The white colour gives the room a lot of light, space, depth and neat graphic, but in some cases it may result in being too cold and make the room impersonal and unwelcoming. At the same time also a wall excessively filled up with accessories and personal items may turn out to be "heavy" and inelegant..

The recipe for perfectly decorate the walls is enclosed in three essential ingredients. Balance, style, creativity. With the addition of a hint of personality. Yours.

The resources to decorate the walls are numerous, almost infinite. The idea of adorn them in various ways can be found in all the past civilizations. If we think about the frescoes, the curtains or brocade fabrics, the arrasses, the wood siding or stucco, we understand how this need is part of our own history.

The secret to furnish a house in an exclusive way is often hidden in the details, that can be found right on its walls.

Following trends and technical innovations, many styles and types of decorations have evolved. Let's see some tips on how you can nowadays decorate the walls of your home in an original way..


Graphic patterns and a lot of fantasy

If we think about wallpaper we refer to a classic of the 70s, the period of maximum spread of this technique, used to cover and characterize the inner walls. Over the years the use of wallpaper has reduced, but today there are a lot of innovative ideas, able to satisfy all tastes, from floral to abstract style, from the soft colours to the fluorescent ones.

Also among the materials we can find a strong modernization. Today there are washable wallpapers, resistant and even ecological.

A current and trendy option is represented by wall decals. These stickers (to be applied on the walls) are a growing trend because they allow a fast and versatile decoration, and many available solutions.


Not necessarily "paintings": plates can be used as decorative items

It is not unusual to find some decorative plates on the walls, particularly suitable for kitchens or living areas. They can be trip souvenirs, artistic or graphic paintings, round or squared. The plates are suitable to be used also as decorative items.

It’s possible to realize a composition with elements having various shapes, sizes and different colours, to brighten up a white wall and enliven it with creativity and style.

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Your photo collection or a single “oversized” photograph

A beautiful collection of family photographs, or a large modern picture that fills most of one wall of the living room. They are both great solutions to customize in a unique and exclusive way a room. Organize, in large or small groups, photo collections, even with drawings or prints, it is an effective way to decorate a room.


A decoration made with mirrors

Mirrors are the most useful pieces of furniture to reflect the light, expand the space of a room, give a touch of design, without sacrificing practicality. You can enter one large mirror, filling the entire wall, or play with a composition of mirror elements, with different shapes and dimensions and also with different frames.

In the bathroom the mirror is an essential piece of furniture, but very useful can also be the insertion of mirrors in the bedroom, in the hall or any other room we need to make visually larger and more spacious.

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The Art Panels: a new way to “see” art

A tip to decorate the house walls in an original, creative and, above all, non-binding way is using the decorative panels Art Panel. A simple and innovative concept. It’s about artistic works of known and emerging artists reproduced on corrugated cardboard (40 mm thick), with black core, that defines an elegant setting.

Lightweight, easy to apply to the walls with a simple nail, or even with a small piece of double sided tape, and therefore not invasive. The Art Panels have a small size, the diameter is in fact 340 mm. They can easily fit into any room of the house, from the living room to the bedroom, including the child's bedroom.

Important aspect: the Art Panel can also be easily leant on any cabinet, shelf or bookcase. Actually they’re available in 11 different models, all colorful and inspired by Pop Art.



Ceramic Balloons, to be truly original

The last idea that we propose to decorate the walls in a truly original way, is with Ceramic Balloons. They’re incredibly realistic, made of ceramic. Event the size (max. 180x180x24 mm) are close to those of the real balloons..

Easy to fit into any room, from the walls of the entryway or the living room and, of course, in the children's room, the Ballons are clearly inspired by Pop Art and become real pieces of furniture that can give personality and character to any wall.

Perfect for those who like to surprise, amaze and be surrounded by beauty. The Balloons can be placed anywhere and with the desired inclination.. Perfectly aligned, or in no particular order, any solution will give each wall a character and a unique personality. They are easy to apply and are also suitable even for outdoor use, thanks to the stainless steel screws and thus non-oxidizable.

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If the New Year stimulates in you a need for change and you’d wish to make your home more beautiful, you can start from the walls. It’s a simple and also cheap way to give a new look to any room. Remember that there are no limits to the imagination. You can customize a wall with any object. Enjoy your search!