Coat hooks in house furnishing

Published by Creativando 29 October 2015
Home Ideas

Coat hooks are furnishing complements part of any home. With different shapes and materials, you can find coat stands, hanger walls, knobs or coat racks, made according to classic or modern stylistic canons, or coat hooks that are veritable design objects.

You can find them almost in every room:

  • in the hall they provide a quick and practical support for jackets, coats or hats;
  • they are useful in the kitchen for aprons and dish rags;
  • in the bedroom they can be used to hang clothes or dressing gowns;
  • in the bathroom they serve as towel racks or bathrobes.

When choosing the right one for every different context, is important to consider the available space and the house’s style. You can use bright or natural colours, or focus your choise on unusual or the most simple and basic shapes. You can even dare a little, with hooks that become original and creative furniture objects. Conceived to solve one of the practical and, at the same time, “critical” aspects of the house (where hanging clothes), coat hooks have evolved over time into design objects, combining utility and aesthetics.

We can therefore choose hangers that enhance our environments and, especially when not used, help define the style of our space.

Art-Up coat-hooks

Among the furnishing complements made by Creativando, coat hooks are surely between the most inspiring items for our creativity. To realize modern and always original compositions, we’ve conceived the Art-Up coat hooks.

In all 66 models. The primary feature of Art-Up coats hooks collection is the great choice of colours, finishing and decoration, that make each single piece a unique decorative motif for your home or office walls. Due to their small size, they can be secured to the walls even in narrow spaces.

Combinations are unlimited:

  • solid colours range from basic colours, to modern fluo finishing;
  • the resins have many coloured and vivid designs;
  • the printed and the laminates, with original works made by artists and designer, such as Keith Haring or Karim Rashid;
  • materic finishing, such as wood or mirror;
  • the alphabet series, where every coat hook has a letter of the alphabet printed in black on a white background.

Art-Up coat hooks line has been studied enhancing simplicity and clean design, beauty and innovative technology of the materials used. Art-Up are Made in Italy, every single piece is produced in Italy using certified and high quality standard materials.


The materials used to realize Art-Up, make it an object not only evolved and reliable, but also durable.

The pin of the coat hook is made of stainless steel and the support is in HPL stratified laminate highly resistant, which allows the use of these coat hooks even in moist rooms, such as the bathroom.

The size of the Art-Up is relatively contained, in order to facilitate the integration in different spaces: 11 cm diameter, and a 7 cm overhang from the wall.

Art-Up: how to decorate a wall in a functional, pleasant and contemporary way

Art-Up coat hooks are perfect to release one’s fantasy in finding the right combination that better suits one’s taste and the style of the house.

Let’s see a few Art-Up possible uses.

The colours

The choice of colours characterizes the Art-Up Plain Colour collection, with solid and basic colours, up to the modern finishing of Art-Up Fluo and Art-Up Resins variants. Compositions can be made using different colours, for example to brighten up a white wall, or selecting a single colour that creates an effective contrast on a wooden wall.

The letters

With the letters of the Art-Up Alphabet collection you can write names, initials, words to remember, on the wall. It can be a good idea for an original and personal gift, for instance choosing the initials of the names of each family member.

The Shapes

The Art-Up Shapes XXX variant has the shape of the letter X (as revealed by its name). It’s available in black or white, for contemporary and elegant interiors.


The wood

Wood is largely used in the houses, from the furniture to the floors. Art-Up Wood, made of HPL stratified laminate with wood finishing, can be used in every room of the house. The chosen finishing makes it suitable for both classic and model interiors.

The mirrors

The Art-Up Mirror variant, one of the most popular, allows to decorate a wall with a composition of elements that can be used as coat hooks or mirrors.
Two functions in an object. You can realize a composition using only mirror elements, or combine them with other variants, for example the white or black plain colour. It can ben an interesting solution in rooms where a mirror cannot be found, but it may occasionally be useful, such as in the hall.

POP ART variants

For Pop Art lovers we’ve realized Art-Up coat hooks with the original works of Keith Haring, pop art icon, and Karim Rashid, one of the best-known and appreciated contemporary designers.


Art-Up installation

Fixing Art-Up coat hooks is very simple and requires just a minimum manual ability.
In the package a mounting kit can be found, with the instructions and all the needed screws for fixing the coat hook to the wall.
You can choose between the standard fischer (suitable for standard walls) or the drywall fischer.


Art-Up as a gift idea

The wide range of models, materials and colours that characterizes the Art-Up collection, allows you to meet everybody taste. For this reason, Art-Up can become an original and personal gift idea.

Art-Up, such as every other Creativando product, are conceived as potential gift idea. Therefore we’ve thought every detail and, specifically, we’ve taken in good care the packaging too.

The product is packed in a squared brown cardboard box (measures 12.5 x 12.5 x 4.8 cm); in the center of the box there’s a hole, useful to see the colour of the chosen Art-Up.