Celebrate Christmas with style: decorate your table with the plates and trays made of Italian cerami

Published by Creativando 11 December 2015

Christmas is the celebration in everybody’s heart. The most cherished and loved holiday. Looking for a “non common” gift, rediscover originality’s beauty, are ways to reward and gratify oneself, remember and be remembered by relatives and friends.

Here you can find Creativando’s gift ideas, perfect also for Christmas holidays.

A collection of plates and trays, where art has the starring role, from Mondrian to Lunazzi

Among the artists who inspired Creativando to conceive decorative items, ceramic plates and trays, universally known personalities stand out, such as Mondrian, whose lines and essential colours defined Renzo Schiratti’s Mondrian Style, or Keith Haring, with his art for each and everyone, or even Steve Kaufman, assistant to Andy Warhol at The Factory Studio in New York.

To freely interpret some everyday objects, we can find some new talents, such as Luciano Lunazzi, the artist of the moment, the original travelling painter, acknowledged and appreciated by audience and critics. For Creativando, Lunazzi expressed, his own way, a Pop style that fluctuates between Basquiat and Aborigenal tribal art. He realized four subjects inspired by the heart shape and two inspired by dogs. The perfect gifts for romantics, four-legged lovers and, of course, for those who love beautiful contemporary art.

For those who prefer emotion and passion, Walter Davanzo customized his plates with two representations of the kiss, while Laura Ellero stands out with her creative pictorial interpretations.


The plates: princes of the table

Beautiful on the table, to be used as placeholders or serving dishes, but also to hang on the walls as an artistic and decorative element. Paintings made of ceramic!

Modern, square (size: 33x33 cm) or round (diameter: 21 cm) plates. Both can be used as normal plates or as a decoration.

The Trays: a touch of sophistication and creativity

In addition to the plates, there are also the round trays (diameter 33 cm). Always made of ceramic, always decorated. To serve coffee or a tonic liquor after a meal.

Not only trays: they also can be used as decorative items. The shape is simple and embellished with contemporary decorations, such as the Van Gogh’s depiction made by Steve Kaufman.

Pure Italian pottery, no lead

All the plates, the trays and the products of Creativando’s Heart Gallery collection, have been conceived to offer the security of buying only objects made of ceramic, in Italy, completely free of toxic substances.

In the glazes used to decorate and vitrify ceramic made in foreign countries, which do not comply with European standards, often lead can be found. The salts of this metal are a health hazard, especially if they get in touch with food.

With Heart Gallery you can serenely touch, use, give to your loved ones, original objects, with a high content of creativity, ecology and ethic.

Handcrafted production

An ancient art, full of tradition. The products of the Heart Gallery collection are hand made and the production cycle is eco-sustainable, from the clays (of controlled origin) to the kilns (powered with photovoltaic panels).

The pleasure of an artistic gift

Giving a plate or a Creativando’s Heart Gallery tray is to give originality and creativity, Italian style and a unique design. Practical and beautiful objects. To give and receive. Objects to be remembered. And to celebrate Christmas with style.