A gift for Valentine’s day. The nicest one is made with the heart

Published by Creativando 22 January 2016
Gift Ideas

Here comes Valentine's Day, the celebration of love, of lovers and even those who are in love with love. A feast that, despite the “commercial” bent of recent years, still has great appeal and charm, and is celebrated almost all over the world. This is the reason why it is considered the “universal” holiday. Because love is universal.


A bit of history. And legend

It is said that one day Saint Valentine, hearing the argument of two young lovers, met them with a rose as a gift, invited them to reconcile and love each other forever. This is one of the most beautiful legends about the life of Valentino da Terni, Roman Bishop, author of miracles in matters related with love, who became patron of lovers.

Valentino, persecuted for his faith and for his great popularity, was martyred on February 14th in 273 AD. On that day, in 496 AD, it was instituted the Feast of love.

Love requires originality

Exchange gifts, thoughts and messages of love is the way today we celebrate Valentine's Day. Since the end of the nineteenth century, the habit of shipping “valentines” (the love notes that lovers exchange) has spread. Hence the success of this feast in the folk tradition, which nowadays requires something more than a written dedication and something original.

A thought, a gift, not necessarily expensive, but unique, unusual, "cut-to-fit" to the person you love and – above all – able to surprise and make us be remembered. Creativity and passion. Mixed together make miracles happen.

Here some tips and suggestions in order not to spend your Valentine unnoticed. Quite the contrary.


A 2016 “valentine”: an Heart Gallery heart

The "valentines", in the tradition, are often heart-shaped and carry a unique and special message. Why not giving a really trendy “valentine”? A ceramic heart from the Heart Gallery’s collection is the most current and original way to spare a special (three-dimensional) thought, to your beloved.

Among more than 80 hearts, there is definitely what you’re looking for. A creative and also unforgettable gift. Handmade in Italy and graphically interpreted by artists, writers and creatives.

Every heart is a little work of art, a message, a symbol. To use as decoration, paperweight or hang on the walls, thanks to the hook included in the exclusive package, ready for your gift.

Buy a Heart Gallery Heart


A soft Crazy Heart

“Cuore Matto” (i.e. “Crazy Heart”) slippers are a gift unusually original. Heart-shaped, they are practical, comfortable, conceived for the relax at home.

It’ll be like walking on the clouds, not just with your fantasy. Made of soft red fleece, they are suitable as Valentine's gift for him and for her.

Buy the Cuore Matto slippers


Time passes… but not my love for you

It’s the most romantic message to dedicate to someone. And it is a clock from the Clock in a Box collection, to remember not only the hours…

Designed by CB Farinar, artist and designer, it’s a clock that can be used either on a shelf or hanging on the wall.

Made of high-quality paper, it is a perfect gift to give or treat yourself. Because true love is timeless. 

Buy Time Passes


A pillow. To the highest standard

For those who love art and design. An original idea is a pillow (size 40x40 cm) made of soft leather with pictures of Luciano Lunazzi, the works of Steve Kaufman or the reproduction of some small toys forming the word "Love" by Laura Ellero.

For timeless loves. Between art and emotions.

Buy Love is Not a Toy pillow


Why not? A blanket to warm your heart

«[...] When you go to bed, pull the blankets up to cover you heart. Is that where the people that you cannot have near you, sleep…»
(A. Curnetta)

An original gift idea is a blanket that, at the same time, is a poem or a love picture.

There are the pure cotton blankets “Dedalus” (designed by Manuel Stefanutti) or “Quaderno” (with a beautiful poem, by 7x7 Design Studio).

And there the are boiled wool blankets, with images of Keith Haring, “Men with Heart” or “Baby Angel”, perfect for winter nights.

For those who like to give heat, along with the quality of an Italian product. 

Buy a Creativando blanket

Each gift signed by Creativando is an object with an original history to tell, and holds our idea of creativity combined with quality.