7 tips (almost essential) to decorate children's bedroom

Published by Creativando 6 June 2016
Home Ideas

The children's room, as you know, is the kids favourite place.
It’s their refuge, where to play, where to be alone, where to study, host friends and above all to dream. In the daytime and at night. Important then to think and to plan their own space that results, also in the future, functional, creative and original.

1. To rationalize the spaces

The starting point is to maximize every square meter of the room.
Pay attention to plan the arrangement of the furniture, bed, wardrobe, desk, in a careful way and with a logic that allows to leave as much free space as possible for all those multiple (and variable over the years) activities, hobbies and necessity of the child.

2. Choose carefully the materials

Raw materials are an aspect often overlooked, but of great significance.
To prefer natural materials, or materials with a certified origin, offers serenity and a healthy environment, useful to prevent possible allergies and irritations. Inquire about the raw materials used in the production of furniture and accessories is a step not only smart but also due.
Saving money is not always the best choice.


3. Pay attention to the security

The dynamism and energy of kids is proverbial.
They’re always on the move, they play, jump, have fun. It’s just right! It’s up to their parents create for them a place possibly free of corners, and avoid the use of fragile materials (such as glass, for instance); in general situations that may somehow create opportunities of danger must be avoided and prefer, generally speaking, soft and padded shapes.
It’s better to be safe than sorry.


4. Prefer comfort and functionality

Combine beauty and practicality is the maximum.
Sometimes, either for space, budget or a thousand other needs, it’s not possible. The suggestion is to favour the functional aspects and comfort. The kids will love it.
Calculate large spaces, such as bookcases or shelves dedicated to exhibit collections, hobbies and personal objects, as well as large, comfortable storage baskets.

5. Create a playground

Children, boys or teenagers, love the playful aspect.
That is precisely why it’s important that a good part of the room is devoted to this subject. Preferable a large central space, with a large circular rug, where kids feel free to create, move, follow their instinct, meet with friends and express their creativity.

6. Think in perspective

The years pass and children grow up fast.
It’s crucial, therefore, to think not only about the immediate present, but also to the future. The versatility of furnishings and accessories is necessary. The use of bunk beds or small raised platform beds allows, for example, when the age changes, to convert the space in desk for study and reading. Even baskets that were initially intended to store toys, if carefully chosen, can become suitable for educational and hobby objects, without necessarily being replaced.

7. Customize with color and creativity

ever forget that the world of children is made of colour, wonder, creativity.
Not much is needed to turn a simple and insignificant room into a unique and original space where kids can be themselves and recreate their personal environment.
An important accessory, one or more stickers, a nice poster, an original coat rack or perhaps one or more walls painted with an unusual and lively colour are just some of the ideas that, with few and not expensive operations, can transform a room.


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